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Shane Keating Memorial

Corporal Shane Keating, born December 17, 1975, spent his childhood growing up in Dalmeny. He attended Prairie View Elementary School and the Dalmeny High School. His family lived on Wall Street; his backyard backed onto Prairie Park. His mom, Judy, tells many fond stories of Shane playing at the park. (As well as many other adventures he had with his buddies around town.) His Dad, Brian, helped to build the playground structures that are currently at Prairie Park; including the 'tractor tires' that so many children still love to play on.


On September 18th, 2006, as he passed out treats to school children in the Panjwayi district of Afghanistan, a suicide bomber took the life of Corporal Shane Keating. He was 30 years old. Shane gave his life for his country while giving to the children of Afghanistan simply because of the man that he was. His family, and those close to him, are proud of his many accomplishments. He knew he was making a difference. 


It is for these reasons, and so many more, that the Dalmeny Spray and Play Intergenerational Park Project Committee want to build a memorial to Shane in the green space at the park where he played as a child; where our children now run and play. The memorial will be built and dedicated to this soldier who spent his life giving of himself, for no other reason than it is what he choose to do with the years he was given.

Phase I of our project includes safe, special needs accessible playground equipment for school aged children as well as preschoolers; picnic area with gazebo; fenced parking area; and the memorial in honour of Corporal Shane Keating. Our goal is completion of this phase in 2014. It will provide Dalmeny with an option that we don’t presently have. The opportunity for a dedication to Corporal Keating is one that cannot be passed up. It is a lesson for our children on how to be the kind of person who gives without asking what will be given in return.  Unfortunately, worthy examples of selflessness cannot always be found. Many of the children in our town have parents who grew up with Shane and can attest to the person he was.  He was not just an adult who joined the Canadian Forces and gave of himself ; he was also a once a child who knew how to give. In first grade, on his way to school one morning, Shane came across a little girl who was stuck in the mud.  In the process of helping her out, he became stuck himself – and covered in mud, head to toe.  He was late for school that day, but only for the reason that he felt it was more important to help someone in need than to get to the school yard a bit early and play with his friends. His legacy as a hero very well may have started that day, right in the green space where we now plan to build our new playground. 

We are honoured to call a man like Corporal Shane Keating someone who spent many years of his life in our town, calling it his home. This memorial will remind the people of Dalmeny and our surrounding areas that heroes do come from everywhere - even small town Saskatchewan.


For more information on Shane's story, to make a donation in memory of Shane, or to get involved with our Build Day, please send us an email by clicking the button below. Thank you for your support.

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